Operations & Maintenance Support

Minimizing production downtime by developing smart maintenance and repair programs, system evaluation assessments, audits and maintenance routines.


  • Catalyst Services
    Catalyst change-out work ranks among the most technically challenging and potentially hazardous aspects of maintaining refining, chemical and petrochemicals plants. Typical applications include in oxygen-free environments such as fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units. Our team can source the specialized equipment and personnel required to perform this work efficiently and safely.
  • Field Machining/Exchanger Services
    Machining, beveling, exchanger bundle extraction/installation, bolt torqueing/tensioning and monitoring of critical bolted components are an essential component of the timely execution of turnarounds. Our dedicated teams have expertise across all types of heavy equipment and perform work to the highest level of precision, while maximizing safety and efficiency.
  • Specialty Welding
    Corrosion Resistance Weld Overlay and Automated Welding. The specialized nature of refining, chemical and petrochemicals plants creates a need for welding capabilities that go beyond the most demanding ASME and NBIC standards. Vosight can provide teams of specialty craft professionals with experience working with various alloys

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